About Air

The idea of ​​creating the project originated in 2006 after visiting Japan. Inspired by the imagery and spirit of modern Tokyo, we want to bring a small part of Japan in Moscow.

First of all, our eyes were on Tokyo street fashion, then how people dress and how to live with it, as selected images. For the younger part of Japan, and especially in Tokyo is very important as you look and before leaving the house to the street carefully chosen outfit. That’s how the Japanese are able to combine, as it would seem different at first glance, styles, probably impossible to repeat any of the Europeans. We are very interested in fashion and local brands, which are almost exclusively in Japan and else where in Europe. We decided to start with Japan Fashion Week, and choosen five Japanese brands to the store – ATO, Mintdesigns, Theatre Products, Taishi Nobukuni and Tiny Dinosaur.

In November of 2007, we opened our store on Petrovsky Boulevard, in the studio of Moscow artist Alexander Petlura, where we immediately attracted the attention of ordinary people and the creative crowd. Continuing the idea japanese spirit, we decided to celebrate Japanese holidays in the store, such as Setsubun – the day of the spring on the lunar calendar, Hana-Matsuri – a holiday for girls in Japan, the O-hanami – cherry blossom festival started, Higan – the autumnal equinox, and others. All the holidays, we try to carry out in accordance with Japanese tradition.

In July of 2008, we moved to the Teatralny proezd bldg.3 – the very center of Moscow, in a historic building – a monument of the 19th century, the former Central Baths. This is a place with a unique history and spirit.

In November of 2011 our shop was reconstructed as a result of selling space increased by 2 times.

From the beginning, our concept has been designated as art + fashion and brands are selected based primarily on their creative component. Many of the designers represented in the store, it is not just fashion, but most of all are artists. Each show - a performance. It’s such brands as ANREALAGE, BERNHARD WILLHELM, HENRIK VIBSKOV, MINTDESIGNS.

In addition, AIR is planning to organize an exhibition of contemporary Japanese artists, and bring young Japanese musicians.

Japan  is a country that inspires. Of course, it is the most advanced technologies for all.But most of all that strikes you is the people in Japan, their relationships, relationships to others, to nature. The Japanese remain children throughout their lives and they like to play. They are not afraid to experiment with themselves and their minds open. And this is certainly reflected in the clothes.

Modern Japanese fashion is very versatile, ranging from cartoon characters and ending with the monsters of Japanese fashion industry, such as YAMAMOTO, MYAKE, KAWAKUBO.You can meet a girl, dressed in cheerful pink Lolita and a strict pack a jacket Comme des Garcons. And this combination of styles is found everywhere, but does not look gaudy, but quite the contrary. All accessories are selected with very great care. In AIR, we try to bring in brands that you do not buy more neither in Russia nor in Europe, but it is important brands in the domestic Japanese market and are very popular in Japan, it’s such brands as NOZOMI ISHIGURO, PHENOMENON, ATO, AKIRA NAKA , MINTDESIGNS, THEATRE PRODUCTS and many others. NOZOMI ISHIGIRO – as disigner, spent 12 years in the Comme des Garcons, and creating unique items, with an amazing cut and prints. ATO Matsumoto – worked at Dior Homme. His clothes – a stylish urban chic with a follow-up activity elements and details. Disigner’s of MINTDESIGNS  are very romantic nature, and in their disign tissue plays an important role. They are, above all, create the fabric, and then, on its basis, its romantic images. All Japanese designers presented in AIR, unique. During his time with them, we noticed a trend, those things that we brought two years ago, are now in the European fashion trends.

Thank you for visiting.
Date — May 04, 2013
JUNE 28, 2012PARIS
By Matthew Schneier
“Bruised defiance” would make a nice subtitle for aYohji Yamamoto autobiography. The designer, so instrumental to the rise of Japanese fashion in the 1980′s, has fallen out of the center of fashion’s conversation—and into bankruptcy and back—in recent years, but never given up the fight. Bruised defiance was certainly the look he courted tonight, when he sent out models with black eyes and cuts on their faces. On they soldiered, and so does he. But it was hard not to notice that, though the room was full, attendance among American editors was at an all-time low. (Retailers, for the record, were somewhat better represented.) Those absent missed a solid, likable show, the main message of which was volume: billowing, shortened pants, mostly, tied off at the bottom or gathered with elastic, complemented with two-button jackets or long, thin coats. The colors were unusually lovely, too, in combinations like salmon and orange, or salmon and creamy sky blue. Still, it felt like Yohji doing Yohji. A few more surprises might help to lure some of those editors back.
Date — May 02, 2013
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